This is true.  Not all food.  Only those that, for what ever reason, we won’t give up.

I caught part of the View on Monday.  It was the Fat Show.  They had Paula Dean, Jamie Oliver, Dr. Oz and an number of others talking about about health conditions related to Obesity.

I was really struck by the visual with Dr Oz of the liver and heart.  When we are Fat the liver becomes ‘fatty’ and then can’t clean out toxins from our system.  So our blood and every thing else becomes toxic.  No wonder we are so sick and the Pharmaceutical company is raking in the big bucks.  The good news is that we can improve the health of our liver by losing weight.  The liver is an example that ‘WE ARE WHAT WE EAT’.

The interview with Jamie Oliver and the young girl that had struggled with her weight since she was young.   She is trying to control it thru education and activity.  It is so important that we teach kids about food from a young age so that they can make smart choices.  Don’t just saying ‘NO you can’t have that’ but explain to them why it may not be the best choice.  Sofia’s mom also talked about not making it about appearance  or body image.

I found the interviews informative.  Like some of those on the show, I struggle to keep my weight down.  For over 20 yrs. I have been draggin’ around about 30 extra lbs.  So why can’t I get down to where I need to be?  For a few reasons.  First I love my sweets and Second I have a hard time sticking with it to the end.  I do watch what I eat.  And I am pretty active.  I just need to bump it up a notch to burn more and cut out some of the empty calorie foods.  I know, it is Easier Said then Done.

We can  stop the quick decline to the grave by learning from these shows and by educating ourselves about proper nutrition.  Doing small things like cutting out or at least limit foods that are ’empty calories’ such as white flour, rice &  sugars.  Make it a family affair.  Get your spouse and the kids on board.    Live alone, get your best friend to join you.

If we take this seriously we can live long healthy lives.   If we don’t Who is going to introduce the next generation to a live Baseball game or teach the grands how much fun it is to play football in a muddy field?

This is Your Life… Don’t let the Past dictate what you do Today… Make it a New Healthier Day…

Til next time, Di